Featured PROJECT

We really appreciate our customers and the opportunity to work with them. Here we highlight recent projects  to show how quality stonework can transform your home or business.

Scandia Stoneworks, LLC

looks forward to exhibiting your project here too.

What is more personal than  the headstone of a departed family member or friend? 

Scandia Stoneworks, LLC believes they are as individual as the people or pets they memorialize. We will work with you to customize the artwork and text to preserve their memory for all to see.


A modern bathroom is a place of warmth and comfort for the whole family and your guests.

Scandia Stoneworks, LLC will assist you in designing  your stonework in a balanced and esthetic fashion to optimize both beauty and efficiency.


Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment


Kitchens are no longer just a place to prepare your family's meals. They have evolved into the social hub of the home.

Scandia Stoneworks, LLC assists you in all aspects of making your dream kitchen come true. We will work directly with you, your designer, builder, and cabinetmaker to give you exactly what you desire.

We love a challenge and a chance to show off a little. If you have an  idea for something a little wild or different, we will gladly help you make it a reality.

Scandia Stoneworks, LLC

has completed some fun stuff over the years and looks forward to completing yours too.